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Month: March 2020

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Secure Online Loans

Online loans are now a favorite of the Indonesian community. This can be proven by eliminating online lenders. Although there are many, there are only some of the best online loans. How do I know? Check out the tips and tricks below!

With the advancement of technology and the smoothness of the internet network in Indonesia, online lending has become one of the most popular types of lending. Just keep in mind that over the last few years, we have found dozens of fintech companies providing online loans.

In fact, it can also be a sign that the economic needs of the people are still incompatible with the income that we may not need to incur when we are in desperate need of funds or because there is an urgent need that cannot be delayed.

Benefits of Online Loans

Benefits of Online Loans

It is questionable why online lending is so popular today and the public is moving away from conventional bank lending to online lending. But if you look at it, the best online lending offers many benefits to its borrowers such as:

  • The filing process is very easy

The best online lending has a very easy application process as it can be applied online. That way, you don’t have to worry about coming to a lender such as a bank or lending institution and lining up. With just your phone and internet connection, you can apply for a straight online loan.

  • The disbursement of the funds can take one day

As submitted online, the liquidity of the funds can quickly dissipate. The best online loan rates can be found in just a few days. Some are actually liquid in just one day. How can a monthly online loan be liquid? This is because of the data and requirements documents provided in digital form that can be processed directly by the lender on that day. Please note that all the data and documents provided in the physical form must be digitally entered so that the lender will work twice.

  • Can be used for anything

Unlike other types of loans that are intended for specific purposes only, the best online loans can be used for any purpose. You can use these loan funds like venture capital, home remodeling, education funds, wedding capital, hospital treatment, vacation expenses, and even repairing vehicles damaged by the accident.

  • The requirements are very easy to meet

The best online loans have requirements that are very easy to fill. Although each provider sets different requirements, it does require an average ID (Citizenship Card), Personal Identification Number, Tax slip, payslip, and newspaper accounts. With these few conditions, people are more likely to comply. Prepare the terms of the document in digital form, so be sure to scan everything first.

With so many benefits above, who isn’t easily tempted?

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Secure and Trusted Online Loan

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Secure and Trusted Online Loan

But you need to know that not all online loans in Indonesia are safe and reliable because there are rare cases of fraud that could harm you. Therefore, to choose the best online lender, take a look at the tips and tricks below!

  • Already Registered in OJK

First, always choose the best online loan application registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) because the online loan application listed in the OJK means that they are under surveillance so that they cannot cheat or harm the borrower. If you want to know the latest updates on the list of online loan applications listed on OJK.

  • Have an Official Office

Also, see if the best online loan application has been registered at the FSA, another trick is to see if the online loan application has an official who can track you through Google Maps. The existence of the official office of the best online loan application is crucial so that in the event of an unwanted risk, you can claim it by going to their official office. That way, you can believe that the online loan application you choose is not a fraudulent loan alias.

  • No Payment Terms

There are actually simple tricks that can prove that the best online loan application you choose is safe and reliable, by looking at whether they are requesting a refund. If the best online loan applications ask for some funds to stop the disbursement of your loan, then they definitely intend to trick you as there are no online loan applications that require a down payment.

  • No Request for Banking Data

In addition to not requesting a refund as a prerequisite to disbursing a loan, a secure and trusted online loan application never asks for your banking data. Remember, they usually only ask for your account number! Not other banking data such as your maiden name, credit card number, etc. So always be aware that there are online loan applications that ask for your banking data.

Good Credit Becomes the Best and Secure Online Loan

Good Credit Becomes the Best and Secure Online Loan

In fact you don’t have to worry about finding the best online lender in Indonesia because of Good Credit. Good Credit is the best online loan applications that have been registered with the FSA since 2017. There are two types of online loans granted by Good Credit, the Short-Term Loans and Installment Loans. To short-term loans are divided into two loans and loan Fast Way to provides loans ranging from $ 50 to $ 5 million with a 10-30 day installment period. As for the loan installment is also divided into two loans and loan Premier Way + + which provides loans ranging from USD 4 million to USD 20 million with maturities of installments ranging from 3-6 months.

Applying for a loan online at Good Credit is also very easy. First, you need to download the Good Credit application. Then sign up before you can login . After successfully logging in , you will need to complete your personal data and upload the required documents. After all, you just have to choose the loan number you want and the loan term. If so, then click start submission. Wait for the submission to be processed within 1-3 business days. If your application is approved, the funds will be liquidated directly through the savings account you provided earlier.

By applying for the best online loan at Good Credit, you do not have to worry about the risk of fraud happening! But do not forget to always pay the installments on time until the payment is made!

Losses and adverse effects of credit card use

It is undeniable that credit cards provide flexibility in transactions. Without having to carry cash, just swipe your payment machine to get the goods or services needed. Credit cards provide practicality when in an emergency situation where we do not have funds, we can previously borrow funds to the bank (credit) which will later be paid by the borrower.

Furthermore, credit cards offer attractive promos or deals so that cardholders shop using it.

Behind the advantages of credit card ownership, there are a number of losses that you must know. Credit card ownership should think that by using a credit card you will owe, this means you must also be able to pay.

But the reality is that a lot of credit card users forget to pay their debts on time, causing various losses. Here are the types of losses caused by using credit cards:

Disadvantages of using a credit card

Disadvantages of using a credit card

Debts are increasingly piling up if shopping is not restricted

Using a credit card is indeed practical because you only have to swipe away when you have completed the payment. The availability of credit card payment methods that are found by many card users sends encouragement to shop. Shopping with a credit card is not using the funds in a savings account, but debt to the bank.

Easily shop with a credit card without restrictions, of course, make the debt more piling up and if late paying, the debt will continue to mount.

Excessive consumptive behavior

Credit cards offer attractive promos or deals that encourage people to shop. It is true that credit cards offer prices that are relatively cheaper compared to other payment methods. But you know, this spoils excessive shopping behavior. If you fall asleep with unnecessary promos or deals, your debts will also accumulate.

Credit cards give the illusion that cardholders can buy many things that cost more than their income. In this case, cardholders must be wise in using credit cards according to their needs and ability to pay.

Payment of interest and other expensive fees

Payment of interest and other expensive fees

The average credit card program eliminates the first annual fee but starts to be billed in subsequent years. Banks charge interest for each debt so that if calculated, paying the debt is more expensive than the initial expenditure. Even worse if you forget to pay debts on time, then you will be charged a penalty fee so that the debt you have to pay is getting more expensive.

Expensive cash withdrawal fees

Credit cards are really useful when traveling abroad. You can withdraw cash at the local ATM. However, you have to know how much it costs to withdraw one cash. According to the Nest, withdrawing cash with a credit card is more expensive than using a credit card because credit cards charge fees and interest for cardholders.

As for one thing that you should know about credit scores (credit rating) that is an appraisal system whether or not you get a loan and be taken into consideration by the Bank. You can get a bigger limit or are allowed to borrow if you continue to improve good credit scores.

Use a credit card carefully and effectively

Not all credit card usage carries losses. If you use it responsibly – pay on time and do not exceed the limits given, of course, provide convenience benefits in transactions of daily needs. Previously Sepulsa has shared stories about using the correct credit card. This time we added two ways to prevent losses from using a credit card!

Remember, transacting with a credit card is to increase the debt

Remember, transacting with a credit card is to increase the debt

As mentioned before, using a credit card is indebted. If you are ready to use a credit card you must also be prepared to pay. In the midst of lots of lucrative discounts and promos, you also have to hold control of your instincts for shopping.

Make sure you can prevent your debt from mounting by paying your bills on time and in full. If you forget to pay on time, you must be prepared to pay late fees with interest determined by the bank.

Adjust the limit with income

If you are a credit card holder it is better to limit credit limits according to income. This prevents you from being able to borrow beyond your ability to pay. If every month you earn USD. 8 million you would be better off asking for a bank limit of 3 million. Because you can manage expenses so that your financial condition is healthy.

History of Making Credit Cards

A credit card, a card that provides transaction convenience and offers a variety of discounted offers, has a fairly interesting history. Credit cards were not shaped like what we see today, over time the shape has changed according to daily needs. Do you know how the credit card has been developing?

The first time a credit card was born in the idea of ​​a bill or charge card

The first time a credit card was born in the idea of ​​a bill or charge card

In 1946, banker Good Finance issued the Charg-it card. The card is used when customers make transactions, bills will be sent to the Good Finance bank. The bank will reimburse the store or place of the transaction when the customer has paid the charge card bill. However, payments apply at the local level and customers must have a bank account at Good Finance Bank.

What’s interesting about the history of credit cards is that the idea of ​​a payment card swipe later appears when a banker Frank McNamara is having dinner and when the bill comes, he doesn’t carry cash. It’s really troublesome if he goes to an ATM first to withdraw money.

All he did was call his wife to bring him money to pay for his meal. After the incident, the thing that came to mind was what if he and his colleague created a paper-based charge card that could be used first to pay for restaurant costs and then when due was due to pay the bill fully to the card issuer. This is the origin of the birth of the Diner’s Club.

What is Diner’s Club


The Diner’s Club forms a network of restaurants that accepts payment methods using the Diner’s Club. Furthermore, the credit card changed form to plastic when a decade of the emergence of the Diner’s Club, the Diner’s Club was still in the form of a Charge Card where bills had to be paid in full when due.

Responding to the rise of Diner’s Card, in 1958 American Express participated in the credit card industry with its own products and introduced plastic-based credit cards. A year later, MasterCard introduced the option of a revolving balance in which cardholders no longer had to pay their bills in full each time which gave them the flexibility to manage financial conditions.

Well, what about the history of credit cards in Indonesia?

Credit cards in Indonesia emerged in the 1980s. A payment instrument that is practical and saves a lot of time is really desired by the people of Indonesia. Did you know the process of making a credit card before was not as easy as now? The process is quite complicated and only a handful of people have it.

The requirements include the amount of savings, type of work to social status. Besides that, the easiest way to apply for a credit card is through your friend’s reference to the member get member program.

How to Calculate credit online?

Every day brings new situations with us, which we have to deal with flexibly and quickly. It may well be that the necessary cash is missing.

With an online loan request, you can quickly find out what the solution tailored to your needs could look like. Whatever you plan to do, such as financing real estate, buying furniture or buying a new car, refinancing existing Good Finance or Good Finance card debts, a personal loan will help to bridge your financial needs.

Calculate credit online

Calculate credit online

Get your personal Good Finance online. Obtaining your online loan is very easy. Basically, you have to decide the following:

  • Desired loan amount: What amount do you need as a loan? Have you considered all the costs? Sometimes it makes sense to have a little stock. Of course, you can increase your Good Finance later if it does not lead to overindebtedness and the personal budget is sufficient.
  • Loan period: How long do you want to repay your loan? With a fixed loan amount, your monthly installment is lower with a longer loan period. On the other hand, your total interest amount is higher. You can choose what is best for you.
  • Personal information: Enter your personal information in your online request. We check your Good Finance score and make loan offers from which you can choose the one you prefer. And soon you can start your loan project!
  • In our Good Finance Good Finance calculator online you can choose the amount and installments yourself. You can adjust the payments to your specific needs. The monthly installments should match the monthly budget so that there is room for unexpected payments. The calculated prices and interest rates are informative. After processing by the financial institution, the definitive Good Finance interest rate is set. The informative prices on our Good Finance portal help you to show the possible costs.

Honestly complete the credit request

Honestly complete the credit request

There is no typical personal loan. Each customer has different backgrounds and specific needs, a specific situation that we address with our experience. Borrowers can choose the Good Finance term and adjust payments to their specific needs. The monthly installments should correspond to the monthly budget so that there is room for unexpected payments and the personal loan does not lead to over-indebtedness.

Various information is listed in the Good Finance Inquiry. Our team needs this to be able to assess the personal financial situation. It is important that every statement is made honestly. Incorrect information is noted in the system and can lead to negative decisions. If you have any questions or something is unclear, it is better to call and ask our experts.

We also do not advise asking too many Good Finance. Because the more applications are open, the smaller the chances of an inexpensive Good Finance. Wait, be patient and contact us with any questions. If the personal situation may be difficult or the income and expenses unclear, it may take a little longer to process the Good Finance request. However, this does not mean that you will not get your money. It is worth investing a little more time, but getting a better Good Finance contract with which you are also satisfied.

Loan processed in 24 hours and paid out in 14 days

Loan processed in 24 hours and paid out in 14 days

You choose your Good Finance amount yourself. Whether you need a personal loan or want to finance your dream home, we offer affordable prices and attractive conditions. And because you choose the loan term yourself, you can make your Good Finance flexible in repaying the installments.

Our team processes every Good Finance application received in 24 hours. At the end of our Good Finance Inquiry, you can upload your documents. If we already have the necessary documents such as a copy of a valid ID and the last three wage slips when we make the request, we can act faster. in the end, the bank decides on the loan.

The legal waiting period for the payment of personal loans is 14 days. Then the money is paid directly to your bank or postal account.

Benefit from our experience for the best Good Finance solutions

Unlike traditional financial institutions, Good Credit is an independent platform for Good Finance. As an officially recognized Good Finance broker, we have been working with the largest financial institutions such as Bank Now, Cembra Money Bank and Cashgate for over 33 years to offer the best solutions for individual needs.

It is important to know that the Good Finance allocation must not lead to overindebtedness. This is anchored in the law and we take it seriously as Good Finance Agents. In this sense, we advise you responsibly and try to offer the best solutions to your needs.