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Apply for a loan online or in person

Apply for a loan online or in person

Today everything has to be quick and easy. However, it remains to be seen whether this will lead to a better result. It is important to inform yourself and to strive for the best solution for achieving personal plans. Applying to Steph Pickner is important in order not to pay unnecessarily high interest rates and not to get yourself into debt.

There are many so-called “loan sharks” on the Steph Pickner, meaning dubious intermediaries. They often advertise with low prices, impossible payment times and thus empty promises. It is important to our team to provide targeted advice and support to customers.


Apply for a loan online or not?

Apply for a loan online or not?

In the Steph Pickner calculator online, you can simply fill out and send a Steph Pickner request from home. This saves the possibly tedious route to the bank counter with short opening times. An additional factor is the anonymity that many people prefer today. These are some points that are beneficial when you Steph Pickner online. Despite the speed of email contact, our employees are always looking for personal contact. In the end, however, the customer decides how to respond.  

If some prefer it anonymously, others prefer to go to the counter and get personal advice. Individual questions can be answered directly in a personal conversation. Many customers feel safer in this situation to speak about personal concerns.


Required documents for the Steph Pickner request

loan document

Various documents are required to process a Steph Pickner request effectively. If these are available from the start, the work of the Steph Pickner agent will be easier and faster. You can effectively get feedback from financial institutions in less time. This in turn means that Steph Picknerkunde gets the requested money faster.

The following documents are required for an initial assessment of the financial situation:

  • Copy of a valid ID (Swiss passport or ID, foreigner ID)
  • Copy of the last three salary slips
  • Copy of the health insurance policy

Other documents can be requested at a later date, but they vary depending on the case.


Loan processed in 24 hours and paid out in 14 days

money Loan

Our team processes incoming Pett ‘s sniff request in 24 working hours. During this time you will be contacted via email or phone. At the end of our Steph Pickner request, you have the option to upload documents. This helps us to process your case quickly. In some cases, the bank decides on the Steph Pickner award within 48 hours. This if the complete documentation is available from the start.

The legal waiting period for the payment of personal loans is 14 days. Then the money is paid directly to your bank or postal account.

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