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Beware of Naughty Online Loan Applications, Know the Characteristics!

Beware of Naughty Online Loan Applications, Know the Characteristics!

Online loans are on the rise as they are easy to apply and the process is fast. But if you’re not careful, online lending is extremely vulnerable to online scams. To avoid getting caught, be aware of the features of online loan applications that you should avoid!

Anyone unfamiliar with online loans

Currently, online lending is being talked about by the Indonesian community. The reason is that this type of loan is very much a fan. In terms of one’s financial condition, it is not always excessive. There are times when we have economic problems that make us have to lend. Not only because of economic problems, when there is an unwanted risk such as hospitalization, accidents, and so on, people are more likely to lend money.

Online loans are one of the types of loans you can get by applying online, either through a website or an application. This loan was provided by a fintech (financial technology) company. Since these loans are not provided by the bank, then, of course, you have to be extra careful as there are many fraudulent practices that name online loans.

Features of Naughty Online Loan Application

Features of Naughty Online Loan Application

Actually avoiding the risk of fraud from this nasty online loan application is not difficult as long as you look at some of the features below!

  • Not Registered in OJK

One way to recognize a nasty online loan is to check if the name of the best online loan application is already registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Once registered, the online loan is secured as the OJK will oversee all processes involved in lending activities online, from the process of filing, disbursement, payment, to billing.

  • Information About Incomplete Loan Products

One of the characteristics of a nasty online loan is that it does not provide information on loan products clearly. Usually, they only provide information on the loan product they offer. Therefore, when reading product information, be sure to include interest rates, installment tenure, payment method, any additional fees, sanctions imposed if late payment, and so on.

  • Ask for Cash

The next feature is the requirement to provide a certain amount of funds if you want a fast loan. You should know, when doing online lending, there are some administrative costs, but it is only a small amount of money and much less. So if anyone asks for up to $ 1 million in funds, they definitely intend to cheat you.

You have to ask yourself, why would anyone want to borrow money instead of borrowing money? Most people who lend money fast are in desperation or really need a large number of funds right away. So they would definitely be willing to spend $ 1 million to get a loan of $ 100 million. So be sure to be careful about things like this when applying for a loan.

  • Request Banking Data

You should be suspicious and be wary of lenders who ask for a bank pin or password that you have for a reason for lending data. In most cases, the requested data is just a name, phone number, email address. Banking pins or passwords are personal and should not be disclosed to others. Especially if they ask for credit card numbers and so on.

  • Send Unauthorized Email

Keeping in mind every single detail is a must. But sometimes we are unaware of such things. Let’s say that the email sent by a low-interest online loan application. When confirming and following up, the usual procedure is to call or email. Company email with a legal alias always uses the registered email address of the company because they represent the company, not a personal email address. So if they appear to be using a personal email address, then you have to be suspicious.

  • Office Names and Addresses Not Available on Google

An easy way to find out if the online loan application you are aiming for is to check Google’s office and address. If you can’t find your office name and address on Google Maps, then the online loan application you’re referring to is not a registered company because it does not have a physical office. By searching Google for your name and office address, you can also find comments or opinions of people who have used this online loan application.


  • Existence of the Force

The last feature of a naughty online loan application is the coercion directed at you. Usually, some people make long-term decisions so when they ask the lender, they do not immediately apply for a loan and say they will contact the lender again if they have made the decision.

The lender will definitely follow the follow-up process to reconsider your decision. When asking this question you should pay attention to the lender’s behavior. If they are overreacting by forcing and constantly calling, then we definitely have to avoid it. Because it could be that the lender is illegal.

Secure and Trusted Online Loan Application

Secure and Trusted Online Loan Application

Now you know that these are not the features of a liquid direct online loan application that you must avoid. If you want to secure a secure and reliable online loan, you can apply it through Good Finance. Good Finance is an online application that has been registered at the FSA since 2017.

There are two types of online loans granted by Good Finance, the Short-Term Loans and Installment Loans. Short-term loans are divided into two loan Loan Fast Way and providing loans from funds from $ 50 to $ 5 million with a 10-30 day installment period.

As for the loan, the installment is also divided into two loans and loan Premier Way + + which provides loans ranging from Rp 4 million to Rp 20 million with maturities of installments ranging from 3-6 months.

  • Download the Good Finance app on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up by filling in your personal information in the form of your full name, email address, and phone number
  • Do logged into the application
  • Fill out the requirements of the requested document
  • Determine the loan amount you want and the tenor of your loan
  • Click submit and wait for Good Finance to process your 24-hour online loan application

If you already understand how to do it, just ask a loan online in Good Finance yuk!

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